Canteen at Daimler
It is accomplished: the biggest project so far of the Poggemeier GmbH is finished. Everything started two years ago with a telephonic request by the executing company Depenbrock from Bielefeld.

Planned was a completely new building with 1200 qm area. 450 qm for the kitchen, 250 qm for the food bank and 500 qm guest area with 200 seats. 400 meals per day can be served. A big challenge for the Poggemeier GmbH that was successful in the end.

After the first preliminary talk, a lot of meetings followed in Hamburg till the perfect plan was stated. In November 2018 the construction started and in February 2019, the canteen could be launched.

We are happy that we could perform such a big project so good and the company Depenbrock announced, that they would also like to cooperate in the future.
(Picture is exemplary)