Vision und Mission
Our vision
Everyone feels really well by his host.
We offer our employees a career home – a workplace that combines pleasure and professionalism.

Our mission

Every host builds with us as partner uncomplicated places with appaeling atmosphere.
We support him to optimize the quality of his offers and his service and to ensure profitability.

Our values

Team spirit

We are role models

We treat our employees with the same respect, the same courtesy that we ourselves expect and put the values ​​of the owners and the Group into practice.

We work to realize our vision

We are fully committed to realizing the vision of the Group. Only people who promote the vision can be leaders.

We work in teams

We achieve our goals together and support our employees by enabling them to reach the agreed objectives, open up new perspectives and strive to constantly improve interaction.

We communicate openly

We openly communicate what bothers us, what is having an impact on cooperation and formulate our expectations precisely. We ensure that our employees receive all necessary information in a timely manner. But we don’t forget to give positive feedback.

We act sustainably

Every decision is examined to see whether it has a lasting impact on our environment from an entrepreneurial and social perspective, and whether it contributes to the realization of our vision.

We set and achieve goals

We agree on clear goals. In doing so, we recognize success and failure and build up appropriate measures to secure the company's success.

We promote and challenge our employees

We mentor our employees and support them in the development of all the expertise they and the company require. We recognize the abilities of our employees, promote them in a targeted manner and evaluate and reward them at all times.

We delegate

Delegating means to transfer responsibility. Responsibilities are clearly defined – in accordance with the abilities of the employees.

We trust each other

Only a collaboration based on trust can achieve top performance. If a trusting relationship is impaired, we promptly make every effort to restore trust.

We protect occupational health

We ensure that all health-promoting measures are taken at the workplace and that employees are not unduly burdened by additional work.